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You no longer have to deal with inaccurate or poorly structured AI content that fails to rank highly on SERPs. With ArticleGPT, you can generate quality articles that are fact-based, hallucination-free, and SEO-optimized with qualified keywords that do well to drive traffic.

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What Makes ArticleGPT Worth It?

ArticleGPT used our industry-level expertise to develop an AI article writer that produces SEO-friendly and keyword-rich content that boosts online visibility.

If you examine the chart below, you will notice that our organic website traffic has continued to steadily rise. It is this same level of performance you can expect from any content it generates, which ensures you stay ahead of your competitors online.

What Makes ArticleGPT Worth It?
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100% Fact-Based AI Article Writing

Hallucination-Free Output

Most AI writers like ChatGPT typically produce content with inaccurate, outdated information, i.e. hallucinations. This happens because they work on pattern recognition to predict what comes next, which leads to probability-based results.

ArticleGPT is different because it uses sourced content to ensure the output is fact-based and backed by credible references.

Customized Reference Selection

ArticleGPT allows you to choose which specific reference sources your article will be built around. Based on your search keywords, the tool will provide a list of credible webpages to source information from and structure the content around them to help provide a factual basis for the article.

Relevant & Up-To-Date Results

Unlike other AI article generators, ArticleGPT’s database extends beyond 2022. You can rely on it to produce up-to-date articles that accurately match current events. So, there is no risk of generating content with inaccurate or false data.

Real-Time Data From Verified Sources

ArticleGPT has access to a vast network of credible and verified online sources that ensure your generated articles only contain accurate data. We pull info from:

  • Amazon

  • Wikipedia

  • Major media outlets

  • Google News

  • Review platforms like G2, Capterra

  • And a lot more!

Create Factual Articles for Free

Generate High-Quality Articles in 5 Simple Steps


Input Article Details

You will need to choose the type of article you want generated, as well as select your desired inputs such as word count, tone of voice, language, target audience, etc.


Select Reference Sources

Decide on what reference sources you intend to use as the factual basis of your article. The tool will allow you to select the specific reference sites from Google or upload your own documents.


Review Outline

Based on your detailed brief and chosen references, the AI writer will generate a content title and outline. Feel free to review and edit the structure until you are satisfied.


Generate Article

If the outline is satisfactory, simply click the ‘Generate’ button. Within a matter of seconds, the AI writing tool will produce a unique, full-length content piece.


Export Content

When ready, you can freely export the output to a local Word/PDF document file or proceed to upload the content to Google Docs or WordPress.

Leading AI Article Writer For Crafting 8 Unique & In-Demand Content Types

Leading AI Article Writer For Crafting 8 Unique & In-Demand Content Types

When it comes to crafting article content, most AI writers have their own methodologies. However, ArticleGPT takes a more flexible approach to the process, as it doesn’t rely on using the same format every single time.

Instead, we prefer to designate articles into 8 different categories, each one with uniquely tailored templates. This ensures that we can consistently deliver high-quality results that are not only 100% fact-based but also insightful enough to provide true value to readers.

Amazon Product Roundups

Use ArticleGPT to craft comprehensive and SEO-optimized Amazon product roundups that help your products/affiliate links gain more online visibility and achieve higher conversions.

Single Amazon Product Reviews

Generate in-depth reviews of your Amazon product using ArticleGPT to help potential consumers understand your products better and get enticed enough to make purchases.

General Product Roundups

ArticleGPT can craft general product roundups on various items to help readers make informed decisions that can heavily contribute to increased online conversions and sales.

Single Product Reviews

Single Product Reviews

Produce insightful product reviews with ArticleGPT that convince potential leads to make purchases and boost consumers' trust in your brand.

Product Comparisons

Product Comparisons

ArticleGPT can deliver unbiased guides that compare two products against each other to help consumers understand what makes your products more valuable than the competition.

How-to Guides

Get step-by-step tutorials from ArticleGPT that explain how an action/product can be handled, which speeds up knowledge sharing and boosts customer onboarding.

News Articles

Use ArticleGPT to create up-to-date, credible, precise, and objective news articles with enticing headlines that accurately reflect current events.

General Articles

ArticleGPT can craft well-researched content on any topic or niche that will prove informative to readers and help keep your website traffic consistently high.

Video to Article

Save time transcribing video to text with ArticleGPT which can instantly convert any YouTube content into compelling and engaging SEO articles in just mere seconds.

What Extra Features & Capabilities Does ArticleGPT Offer?

What Extra Features & Capabilities Does ArticleGPT Offer?

  • Powerful One-Click Mode

    ArticleGPT’s One-Click Mode allows you to generate articles in just a single button click. Simply provide a brief on the desired article, input the targeted keywords, and it will produce a full-length draft in an instant.

  • Advanced High-Quality Mode

    ArticleGPT can produce a tailored and well-polished article based on your precise content writing requirements. High-Quality Mode lets you pick a title, edit the outline, choose specific references, and much more.

  • Grammar & Plagiarism Scans

    ArticleGPT comes with a built-in grammar and plagiarism checker that instantly and accurately identifies any signs of poor readability or copied text. This ensures that it only generates unique, well-written, 100% error-free, and plagiarism-free articles.

  • Multiple Export Options

    With ArticleGPT, it is now easier than ever to share your blog content across social platforms such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, and X. Moreover, it lets you export your articles in multiple formats such as DOC/PDF, and save them to your local device.

Powerful & Flexible AI Article Writer For Any User

Use our AI article writer to quickly generate high-quality articles that cater to any task or professional background.

  • Bloggers

    Our AI article writer can help bloggers by instantly creating SEO-friendly blog posts, which makes it easier to keep your site updated and online readers consistently informed.

  • SEO Professionals

    ArticleGPT can reliably generate keyword-optimized articles that rank high on search engines, which helps SEO professionals improve site rankings and increase online traffic.

  • Content Marketers

    Our AI article generator enables content marketers to quickly craft informative articles that can effectively attract customers and boost conversions on any product or service.

  • Journalists

    With ArticleGPT, journalists can produce insightful news articles made up of the latest trends and emerging stories to help drive targeted website traffic and engagement daily.

  • Amazon Affiliates

    Detailed product reviews, comparisons, and roundups can be easily generated using our AI article writer, which allows Amazon affiliates to boost online conversions and increase product sales.

  • Business Owners

    Business owners can better streamline their daily workflow by using ArticleGPT to quickly create quality content, which improves business efficiency and promotes faster scalability.


  • Can ArticleGPT be trusted to generate hallucination-free articles?

    Yes. The benefit of using ArticleGPT is it doesn’t work on probability models like most other AI writers, which usually contributes to hallucination-filled content.

    Instead, it operates on sophisticated AI algorithms that only pull data from credible and verified online sources. This means our AI article generator can be trusted to produce fact-checked articles compiled using accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Does ArticleGPT let me choose which references to cite?

    Absolutely! You can easily choose which specific reference sources you want our AI article writer to use for your content. You can refer to websites like Amazon and Wikipedia or even media outlets and review platforms like Capterra and G2.

    Moreover, you can upload documents that you want ArticleGPT to refer to, as well. This ensures that you can achieve more accurate and relevant content results.

  • Is tailored content personalization offered on ArticleGPT?

    Yes! With our AI article generator, you will have complete control over how your content is generated. This makes it easy to tailor the output to match your desired brand and style requirements. You can also take the time to revise the outline before generating the full-length article.

  • Is multilingual support available on ArticleGPT?

    Yes, it is! ArticleGPT allows you to generate content in over 50+ different languages in an instant. Also, its advanced algorithms will ensure that the translated content will be 100% contextually accurate and coherent, so you can appeal to a wider group of readers online and better engage with people in their preferred native language.

  • Can I export ArticleGPT content directly to WordPress?

    Definitely! All you will need to do is link your WordPress site to the HIX.AI platform, which can be easily handled in just a few clicks. After that, you can freely export them directly to your WordPress page in a flash.

  • Is ArticleGPT more reliable than ChatGPT?

    Yes, it is a far more effective and reliable tool. AI writers like ChatGPT tend to generate hallucinations that can often result in false or misleading content. However, our AI article generator is unique in that it is backed by credible and verified sources. This ensures that ArticleGPT can be relied on to consistently generate fact-based articles.

  • What is ArticleGPT’s maximum article limit?

    The maximum number of articles you can generate on ArticleGPT depends on your chosen plan. The free plan allows you to generate 1 article using GPT-3.5. The Pro plan goes up to 20 articles.

    However, if you want to increase those limits, you can feel free to customize your article package to fit your precise needs.

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